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Well, here I am . . . in the greenhouse again.  This little building has always been a bit of a sanctuary for me but lately I find myself spending more time in here, listening to calming music and my bubbling fountain, drinking my coffee and diffusing all sorts of pretty smells into the air. It is my peace.  I am pretty sure my poor husband thinks I have abandoned him, haha.

I have tried several times to sit and write about all of the things happening in the world right now, but I find that my insecurities, fears, hopes, and worries echo those of everyone else, so rather than write a post about how I feel I thought I would write one about what I’ve been planting instead.  As far as I’m concerned, planting seeds is the purest form of hope there is, and I tend to be of the “there’s always hope” tribe!!

Today, among other things, I planted Japanese striped corn.  It is an interesting variety of corn from Japan that produces beautiful variegated foliage, pretty, dark red tassels and almost black ears of corn.  It is a little on the shorter side – only getting somewhere between five and six feet tall.  I think it would make a lovely addition to any flower garden and as an added bonus, you would have corn!  (Although this variety is better suited for drying and grinding into meal than eating alongside your barbecued steak this summer.) You could also use it as the centerpiece in a large pot rather than some of the more standard fare like dracaena or canna lilies.  I am excited to see if it germinates well for me and even more curious to see if the reality is anywhere near as beautiful as the pictures I’ve seen!  I guess only time will tell.

I suppose I should head in for the night.  This chair is starting to kill my backside anyway.  Maybe later in the week I will share some of the other wonderful things that I have been planting!  Be well!!

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