The Farm

Your Market Bouquet

The amount of work that goes in to bringing beautiful flowers to market is pretty astounding.  What you don’t see when you look at that colorful bunch of blossoms is the hard work and determination that it took to get them there.  Not to mention the investment in time and money before the first seed even got planted.  The hours spent on research.  The hours spent pouring over seed catalogs trying to pick just the right variety for our soil, our climate, and our clientele.  The hours spent carefully planting each seed and then the anxiety of waiting for those tiny seeds to germinate.  The hours spent replanting the seeds that didn’t germinate.  The time spent carefully tending the tiny sproutlets as they slowly emerge from the soil.  The frustration of watching some of those sproutlets die due to things like fungal disease or pests.  The hours spent preparing the beds to receive the tiny plants.  The hours of planting them. Hours of watering.  And waiting.  And weeding.  And watching a few more die off to other insidious catastrophe.  Finally, once the majority have been nursed though all of the trials and tribulations of babyhood and begin to flower, there are the hours spent harvesting at just the right time and under just the right conditions to ensure their quality.  The hours processing each of the stems so they are ready to be placed in that beautiful bouquet.  And then of course the time that it takes to build your bouquet, wrap it, transport it and set it on that stand in front of you.  It has been QUITE the journey for those flowers you see – and for that farmer behind the table.

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