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Dahlia Day

Today was dahlia day!!  After months of waiting I finally got to unpack my tubers.  I have to admit that I was a bit nervous since this was my first ever attempt at overwintering dahlias, and they weren’t exactly the picture of health when I packed them, lol.  I was honestly surprised that so many of them survived!!  Storing dahlia tubers is definitely a LOT of work.  First, there is the digging them.  NOT an easy task.  Then there is the rinsing of them (which apparently not everyone does), and then they all need to be labelled. Then time to dry.  Somewhere between rinsing and drying many of my tubers shriveled.  I don’t know if I let them dry too long or if they were pulled out of the ground too early but whatever the reason, I lost probably two thirds of the tubers I pulled out of the ground before I even had a chance to pack them.  Once the tubers are dry you divide them, making sure of course that every division has at least one eye (eyes are tiny little buds that are sometimes almost invisible to the naked eye).  And of course, not everyone chooses to divide their tubers prior to storage either.  Next is the process of packing them and there are several theories as to which way is the best way to store the tubers.  Some people wrap them in cellophane.  Some pack them in pine shavings.  Some in perlite.  Boxes, newspaper, crates . . . . there are so many techniques to choose from.  I chose to use perlite in baggies and then store the baggies in plastic tubs.  And, for the most part, all of my effort paid off.  I definitely learned a few things though, and I will probably do things a little differently the next time around.  For now I will keep an eye on all of my seemingly viable tubers to see which of them sprout . . . fingers crossed that most of them do!!

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