The Farm

Spring has Finally Sprung!

Well, I hurt everywhere.  My first full day of working outside this year and although I am so very thankful that I was finally able to get out and get started, I know I am going to pay for it in the morning.  For now I am just sitting here drinking some tea and nursing my sore muscles, contemplating the things that I got done today and running through the list of all the chores that still need to be tackled.  It’s a really long list.  I decided to concentrate on the farm today.  I was happy to see that most of my potted perennials that I overwintered seem to have survived and it was awesome to uncover them and see so many little heads poking up out of the dirt!  Once I got them all moved and organized it was on to cleaning up pine needles and leaves . . . . what a chore!  We have three large ornamental pear trees on the end of the farm and usually they hold on to their leaves until spring, but not this year!  This year they actually lost all of their leaves in the fall giving plenty of time for them to spread out pretty much everywhere.  Thank God for my leaf blower!!  And how do leaf stems and pine needles work their way into the dirt and stick like they do?  It is so frustrating!  Anyway, after hauling off 10 or so wheel barrow loads, the farm is looking good!  It will serve as my clean little oasis when the rest of the yard starts stressing me out, lol.  I can hardly wait until it’s time to start getting it planted!!

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