Goodbye 2018

If you asked me how my year went, I think that the word that would come to my mind is bittersweet. 2018 was a year of so many firsts for me and my business, and I am so very grateful for all of them. I wish with all of my heart that when I looked back on this past year that THAT would be the dominant memory, but with the death of my father, my husband’s mysterious illness and some other family issues, I am honestly just glad to see 2018 coming to an end so that I can put it behind me and look forward to 2019. As the first day of the New Year creeps ever closer I am reminding myself of all the things I am thankful for, and it is these things that I will hold on to as I start the trek into 2019. I am ever thankful to my husband. He has really risen to the challenge of helping me run Creekside. He was there at every Wednesday market and even sold hot dogs at market on Sundays so that we could be together. He helps me with the heavy lifting and has even been known to come out in the farm and help me with chores like pulling dahlia tubers! I honestly don’t know what I would do without him. I am thankful for my friends and family. I have relied heavily on their constant advice and support and I love them all so much. I am thankful for my health. What I do is a LOT of work both physically and mentally and I am thankful that my mind and body are still able to keep up (although there are times I wonder, lol). And I am thankful to God. This year has brought the two of us closer and although the reasons for our reunion were far from pleasant, I am grateful for our renewed bond. As I put this year behind me and look forward to the next, I am hopeful, and it is hope that I will take with me into 2019. Hope for healing for my family. Hope for success in our businesses. Hope for continued love and support from those closest to me. Hope for good health for all those around me. And hope that I will bring joy to others. Happy New Year. May your year bring you peace, love, happiness and comfort. With love, me.

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