The Nursery

Dahlias Are Ordered!

I am so excited!! My Dahlia tubers are ordered! I feel like it is my first big step in the process of starting my farm and I couldn’t be happier. I have 140 tubers coming – 46 different varieties in a myriad of beautiful colors. Honestly it was quite the chore to put the order together – definitely more than I had bargained for. Did you know that there are over 24 THOUSAND named varieties of dahlia? Yeah, well I didn’t either, haha. I spent an entire day bouncing between websites and (if you ever need a certain variety of dahlia, they have them all listed alphabetically and even tell you who sells them and how much they cost) trying to find the perfect blend of colors and types to try out. Now I just have to wait until spring when all of my little tuber babies arrive so I can get them planted. I can hardly wait to see them all in bloom!

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