Time for Rest

I held on to this summer for as long as I could. I had SO MUCH to do to try and get my little flower farm ready for spring and I was ever so thankful that October’s weather was relatively cooperative so that I could finish. It was so nice that I was even able to spend one much needed day in the gardens cleaning up pine needles and raking leaves and cutting things back – it had been a while since I touched any of them and it felt really good to pay them a little attention before they are covered in their wintery blanket of icy white. It has been hard to let go this year. Usually I am excited for the end of summer and the beginning of fall so that I can quit doing yard work and start thinking about all of the wonderful things that the holiday season brings. This year was the first in some time that I just wanted a little more summer. But I am tired. I NEED this break. My BODY needs this break. And as I finished up some of the last of my chores this week I could feel myself relaxing. I am in a good place. I finished a lot. I think I am ready. Scratch that – I am ready! But for now I am happy – happy that this season of family, of cheerfulness, of giving, of rest, and of THANKS is upon us and I intend to enjoy every second of it! Spring will be here soon enough.

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