The Nursery

Almost There!!

My goodness the end of this summer went fast!  I have been working practically nonstop on the nursery since the end of July and I’m really proud to say that it’s just about done (well, as done as anything ever is when you’re a gardener, anyway, haha).  I have a few finishing touches to tackle but here we are at the end of October and I’m really not sure how many good weather days I have left.  What I do know is that I am tired.  As much as I have loved this process – I am ready for the break that the coming winter will make me take.  For now I will keep working, getting as much done as I can before the ground freezes solid and the snow begins to fly.  Each chore that I finish and project that I tackle gets me that much closer to being able to put the nursery to bed for the winter, and as much as I look forward to some rest I can’t help bubbling with excitement at the prospect of spring – of starting my flower farm and seeing all of these blank empty spaces filled to the brim with every color imaginable . . . . I can hardly wait!  🙂

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