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Today has been a long day, but I am really excited about the progress!!  My poor face though – I really should think about sun screen on days like today . . . I am a beet!  lol  I spent a good portion of the morning wrestling a very heavy rototiller through the dusty, rocky, absolutely worthless combination of ash and sand that we very loosely referred to as “dirt” in the nursery.  It has now been amended with a good deal of compost and I will have to finish dressing the tops of the beds with the rest of the garden soil tomorrow – I simply can’t do any more today!  I am happy with all that we accomplished – thanks to my husband and the wonderful dump trailer he rented we were able to get all of the compost, dirt, and even a load of gravel hauled in today.  I will work on the piles tomorrow, but for tonight I promised him an outing to a car show down at Krispe Kreme . . . I suppose I should go and finish getting ready!!

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