The Nursery

Tractor Day

I hurt EVERYWHERE.  I woke up this morning and wanted to jump up to look out the window at the beautiful blank slate that my nursery now is, but this body has absolutely NO jump in it.  At this point standing up straight is an accomplishment, lol.  One thing is for certain – I would have never been able to do with a shovel what we managed to get done in one day with the beautiful little Kubota my husband rented for me.  There was still a LOT of shoveling to do, mind you – along all of the fences, around the sheds and in front of all of the raised beds.  Not to mention filling in spots where the tractor took too much dirt or digging out places where it didn’t take enough.  But now, thanks to the help of my husband and my son and of course that lovely little orange machine, all of the weeds are gone and my nursery is a big, beautiful blank slate just brimming with potential.  I can’t WAIT to start filling it with all sorts of wonderful things!!!  In the meantime, if any of you see a good deal on tractors please let me know . . .  I am pretty sure I need one . . . . . 🙂

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