The Nursery

The Plan

I don’t do much of anything without a plan.  Plans make me feel organized and give me at least the illusion of being in control.  (I have a slight issue with control . . . )  Unfortunately for me I was not granted with a talent for drawing though, so most of the time my plans are really nothing more than a picture in my head of what a project should look like when I’m finished – which is really no help at all when trying to explain to my poor husband exactly what I need, where I need it, and why.  Occasionally I will attempt at sketching a plan on paper, but usually I am the only person who can interpret all of the haphazard lines where nothing is to scale and the curves have been drawn and erased so many times that the page is really nothing more than a series of smudges.  I really do stink at drawing. Luckily for me, I CAN – with the aid of a ruler or some other straight edged object at least – draw a straight line. (Wonders never cease, right? Haha . . ) And as luck would have it, my nursery is the ONLY piece of my property that is perfectly rectangular and outlined by a very straight and easily drawn fence.  For this reason and this reason alone, I have managed (after numerous attempts) to come up with a VERY basic “plan” for the chunk of land that will eventually be my nursery and cutting gardens.  I say very basic because there is no “planting plan”, there are no real “design elements”, nothing is labelled and again – I am probably the only person who will ever really understand it without at least some sort of explanation.  It is to scale (roughly) and I managed to add in all of my raised beds (thank goodness they are also rectangles and only require a straight edge to draw), my greenhouse, and the sheds.  Now I know – I KNOW it doesn’t look like much, but in my HEAD there are flowers and plants and paths . . . bushes and trees and maybe even a water feature.  There is a rock outcropping where there is currently a pile of dirt, an adorable shed (or possibly super cute older travel trailer – haven’t decided yet) where there is currently a pile of rocks and the shed (or trailer) is filled with all sorts of gardeney art and has a counter for serving coffee and pastries, there are bistro tables and chairs where there is currently a barren plot of dusty nothing . . . . all these things that I can’t draw but that are stuck in my brain just floating around – ideas I can hardly wait to turn in to reality.  This is my plan – drawn to the best of my ability and embellished only in my imagination.

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