Catching Up

I have been debating on what to write about for my first blog post on this new website – there are so many things that have happened since I last sat down to “blog”.  Let’s see . . . . well first off, I changed my website address so that it actually reflects the name of my business.  Yay!!  No more hiding behind generic names that could be anyone!!  What else . . . hmm . . . Oh yeah!!  I hosted my brother’s wedding in my garden a year ago. We did a LOT of work in the gardens getting them ready for the event – my brother and his wife came out every Sunday from the end of May through their wedding on July 31st to help.  We accomplished so much – a new retaining wall and patio where the pool once was, a deck and pergolas in the garden for the ceremony, and all of my beds got weeded and mulched.  Hosting a wedding finalized a decision I had been tossing around for a while, and I finally decided that I am going to seriously pursue starting a wedding venue.  Since that decision I spend an inordinate amount of time on pinterest looking for ideas and inspiration, haha – but I am determined, and I think it would coincide nicely with the concept I have in my head for my nursery.  Speaking of my nursery, before all the wedding hubbub started I had decided that as part of the business I wanted to have a cutting garden, so last fall I planted 100 tulip bulbs so that I would have tulips to harvest come spring.  Wouldn’t you know it . . . . the gophers ate all but 7 of the bulbs!!  We are now at war.  They are winning.  The bastards.  The most recent exciting thing is that I bought a GREENHOUSE!!  It is gorgeous.  I bought it at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in February . . . . which reminds me – I went to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in February!!  That was fun – overwhelming, but fun.  So MANY vendors – and the display gardens!!!  Awesome!! So as you can see, life has been busy as usual.  In between all of this we have had kids moving in and then out and then in again, we had to have our beloved Kuma euthanized and we buried him behind the Japanese garden with a gorgeous “Geisha gone Wild” Japanese maple as a headstone, we got a puppy – Chloe – what a HANDFUL, and my husband bought a hot dog cart.  Whew!! That’s a LOT!  I am pretty sure that is all of the “big stuff” and at least now I feel like this new blog is “caught up” from the old one enough that I can start posting about things that are currently going on at Creekside.  Thank you to anyone who actually takes the time to read this!!

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